Acne is a persistent concern that can affect individuals of all ages, impacting confidence and overall skin health. At Cleveland Primecare MedSpa, we understand the frustration and offer tailored solutions to address acne concerns effectively. Our comprehensive approach includes targeted treatments and personalized skincare regimens designed to combat breakouts, reduce inflammation, and restore skin clarity. Take control of your acne journey by scheduling a free consultation in Beachwood, Ohio today. Let us help you achieve clearer, healthier skin and renewed confidence.


What Causes Acne?

Acne can arise from a combination of factors that impact individuals of all ages. Excess production of oil (sebum) by the skin’s sebaceous glands can lead to clogged pores when combined with dead skin cells, forming plugs that block pores and promote acne development. Additionally, bacteria like Propionibacterium acnes (P. acnes) residing on the skin can contribute to acne formation when pores are obstructed. Hormonal fluctuations during puberty, menstruation, pregnancy, or menopause can also trigger increased sebum production, exacerbating acne. Inflammation plays a role in acne progression, worsening existing lesions and facilitating new ones. Genetics can predispose individuals to acne by influencing sebum production and skin inflammation. Furthermore, dietary choices, stress, and inadequate skincare routines can contribute to acne development. Understanding these underlying causes is crucial for devising effective treatment strategies tailored to each individual’s needs to manage acne and promote clearer, healthier skin.

Treatment Options for Acne

Treating your acne starts with finding the right treatment for your needs. At Cleveland Primecare MedSpa, there are several effective treatment options available for managing acne and promoting clearer skin.

What Results Can I Expect?

Through a comprehensive acne treatment approach that includes chemical peels, facials, microneedling, and a tailored skincare regimen, individuals can anticipate significant improvements in their acne journey. Chemical peels effectively exfoliate and unclog pores, leading to smoother, clearer skin with reduced acne lesions and improved texture. Acne bootcamp is a series of treatments, home-care, and lifestyles modifications that gets to the root cause of your acne, leaving you with a hopeful future with your acne in the long term. Customized facials deeply cleanse and calm inflammation, resulting in clearer pores, minimized redness, and a more balanced complexion. Microneedling stimulates collagen production, diminishing acne scars and hyperpigmentation for a smoother skin texture. Implementing a personalized skincare regimen with medical-grade products regulates oil production, controls breakouts, and enhances overall skin health. Together, these treatments can reduce acne severity, minimize breakouts, improve skin tone and texture, and enhance overall skin clarity, fostering confidence and lasting results with consistent care and adherence to recommended protocols.

Schedule AcneTreatments in Beachwood, Cleveland

A renewed, rejuvenated complexion can be yours with the help of Cleveland Primecare MedSpa. Our acne treatments are precise, gentle, and often don’t result in downtime. To explore all of your options, schedule a free consultation at our Beachwood office or give us a call at (216) 329-3810.